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Rahul Tyagi
Rahul Tyagi AVP-Lucideus Training is post-graduate with majors in Computer Science and has conducted to his account, more than a hundred training sessions globally in past 5 years. Being a cyber space researcher himself, Rahul can claim to have found critical vulnerabilities on websites of VMware, AT&T Intel, Sony, HP, Discovery Networks, TED and many more. He is also listed in BlackBerry Hall of Fame for his contributions to the organization.He has been covered extensively by the global media and is one of the most followed Indian Information Security Expert on various social media platforms.

Web Application Security Assessments:

Strong web application penetration testing experience ,Experience in vulnerability identification and remediation ,Knowledge of the software development lifecycle in a large enterprise environment,Experience with performing code review, wireless and firewall assessments ,Technical knowledge in network security products, cryptographic suites and application firewalls,
Experience with mobile application and operating system testing like Android and iOS platforms.
Experience in evasion techniques to bypass firewalls, and intrusion detection. In-depth knowledge about OWASP Top 10 .

Operating Systems:
Windows, Linux, HP-UX, Solaris, AIX, and others.

Web Servers: IIS, Apache, Lotus Domino, Sun Java System

Middleware software: Oracle’s WebLogic, IBM’s WebSphere, Apache Tomcat, In-depth knowledge of proxying tools such as Paros, Burp, WebScarab, and Achilles "fault injection"

Experienced with following commercial and open source application Scanning tools like Acunetix, IBM's AppScan, HP’s WebInspect, HP’s Fortify, NTOSpider, Whisker and Nikto,WebServices technologies like XML, SOAP, and AJAX,Networking tools, such as Nessus, nmap, and Retina netcat,Having Good Understanding of various web application architectures, server and client side application development

International Conferences
Conference Committee at GRDS, Malaysia

DCDConverged, Bangalore


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