Friday, 25 December 2015

A student who wants to suicide because he was having 57% in 12th | Must Read for Every Student | Rahul Tyagi

Incident : Sep 9 2011
On Sep 9 2011 night, I got a call from one student of mine, he was not selected in an interview,  because he was not eligible for the company set criteria that is overall 60% throughout study life. (10th - Masters). That guy really was too upset and wants to suicide. The word he said really hurt me , that " MY Career is finished, I have 57% marks in +2 so I am not eligible for the test in any company, I am ruined and now even my parents not gona support me anymore". With these words he cried like hell, that guy I knew from a while, he was a strong boy but the way he cried really shocking. Then I told him not to do such stupid thing and called his father and then things got settled. 

Now what is the bottom line of this post, well guys may be from my friend list many of you do not have aggregate 60% (from 10th to Engineering). My dear friends this does not mean that life ends here, and obviously who I am whom you should listen? so let me tell you about my study score so called percentage. I scored only 52% on my +2 exam. People started saying that my life is done now and this boy has no future, many of my friends got admission in top universities, to see all these things around me even I was pretty depressed at that time. Then after 12th I entered BCA ,then did MCA and today Iam standing tall against those who neglected me by saying that I was the bloody 50% holder.
You must understand its 2015 now, just try your best and have clear vision in your mind that what exactly you want to be in your life. I wanted to be an information security professional and after May 12th, I was pretty clear about this and starts doing things by taking my goal in-front of me. Its not I have not done any mistake , I did lots of mistakes face criticism and learnt from it. Problem is not in doing mistakes, problem is when you do not learn from your past mistakes and do the same mistakes again and again.

Today is a private sector era many companies select people not by their mark or CGPA, but by their knowledge and out of the box things , do good projects and make them work, I guarantee if you do your practical projects with full attention, not a single company will neglect you.

Conclusion: Dear Students always remember one thing, The true meaning of Engineering is to develop something, but problem what I am seeing now a days in majority of youth that they are running behind CGPA and Pointers, My request and suggestion to you all ,score 70% and make at least 6projects throughout your engineering career, B. Tech means 8 semesters, and make sure you take it as Eight Semesters = Eight projects. If you have 8projects under your belt in your B. Tech I do not think that any company will take you casually. You can see around, people who are being selected on high packages always have something more than the just CGPA.Do share this note to your friend who you think going from the same kind of depression phase.

Hope this note will help some of you to overcome from the depression of Bloody 60% criteria. 

God Bless you all tc
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Goodluck Iworima said...

Thanks man I appreciate u for such courage

Unknown said...

This things happens when there is no will but headsoff to rahul sir to give real life example & give courage to youth of new genration..

Swapnil Singh said...

That "project" part is correct.

prachi shastri said...

It's true. Thank you sir for encouraging.

prachi shastri said...
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prachi shastri said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
nitinsivas said...

Sir your are my inspiration��

shivam kumar chauhan said...

Yeah :)

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Kevin Peter said...

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