Thursday, 20 August 2015

5 Reasons Why its lucky to be a student of Lovely Professional University | Rahul Tyagi

I am alumni of LPU, and as you all know many of us don't give a shit to college or university from where we passed out. But my case was different. Today i am AVP-Lucideus (Delhi Based MNC) and credit goes to my university LPU, not bcz they gave me platform. But Yes the way LPU nourish me and my studies was really awesome. 

So here i am sharing few things which i love the most about my university.

Study : First thing which i like the most is the syllabus, Syllabus of the university is always up to date and almost best among all the universities in India according to my experience at my study time.

From First semester to my last semester, every semester new technologies and content are introduced  and getting updated on monthly basis, where other traditional university students are exhausted by the same boring syllabus here content is awesome and we love to get introduced to new technologies on daily basis which helped
me and my mates to explore the tech world like never before.

Transparency : Another good part is like students transparency in most of academic work flow, faculties are also evaluated by the university every week and randomly faculties assigned work is checked by the higher authorities like Dean and some times by Chancellor Sir. Ashok Mittal. 

This is best thing i like at that time that even teachers have to answer :P, in some colleges some teachers threat students with respect to their internal marks, here the whole internal and external marks are in the hands of the student with respect to his performance , not much is in the hand of teachers. Every semester we have anonymous survey about teachers and their performance. This is like Kryptonite to kill superman for students, every student waits for the day and when it comes they just boom the feed back survey form with all their suggestions and complaints. The good part here LPU's higher authorities take survey very seriously and if they find majority of the students are complaining about any teacher , you will never see that teacher in your class again.

Exam Life : Exam time is obviously the most tough time for every student, in exam time LPU turns into a corner bunker. You will find students every corner of 900 acre campus and if you was a student of university like PTU ( Which I Was) then first semester exams will piss you when you see the question paper. I still remember by first question paper , like traditional question papers here things are more challenging. Questions are designed to push the limits of your intelligence and really that day was the most tensed day of my life.
Anyway but after a while i understood that its good to have these kind of questions bcz they are completely different from my last experience of PTU where we have 10 marks questions like Difference Between this and that, which is like a school going kid's question paper. Hence exams are good and help you to understand real life scenarios than just making you a knowledgeable idiot. One important thing which i missed is that there is no scope of cheating in university while sitting the exam room you will feel like your in Shawshank prison. Two teachers in one room Plus CCTV Camera recording your each move. But as you know some try to be Andy Dufresne  but that was movie hence once you get caught your done. So do not try to bring chits or chiks whatever in exam room :P

Uni-Mall : The Student Centre, (Uni-Mall), has a network of Banks, Food Courts, Branded Shops in Books and Stationary items, Apparels, Lifestyle Accessories, Electronic Gadgets(mobiles, computers, laptop, etc.), Opticals, Photo Studio, Sports Goods, Music and Entertainment, Beauty Parlour, Saloon, Gifts, Boutique and other related service areas.

In this way, apart from being an avenue for shopping, the Student Centre(Uni-Mall) acts as a training ground as well as a mini retail incubator where students can get live, hands on experience in business and earn for the time they are here to learn.

Infotech Department :Being a LPU student you must proud on the infotech department as Infotech department is the back bone of university handling a database of more than 40,000 Students and Employees at same time. I still remember the early days of infotech when LPU just turned into university, i have personally seen days and night working of the head of infotech department Mr. Rohit Dhand and Mr. Vinay Anand, who were the main players behind the whole University Management System aka (UMS). , 

UMS is the most amazing academic framework which handles every department of university. This makes LPU close to become a paperless university and credit goes to infotech department.

There are many more things which make me proud to be a part of LPU . For Students who are thinking to join university go ahead and if you are hard working and having a clear vision what you want to be, LPU will give you all facilities and required platform to make your dream true. Gudluck!

Rahul Tyagi Alumni of LPU
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Saurav Kumar said...

Well said Bro! :)

Rajeev Sobti said...

Good one

Sangeet Choudhary said...

But you forget about many things from life-style to clubs!!!

Saurabh Yadav said...

well said about university

Akash Philip said...

Well said ...Same Experience with me

Neeraj Agrawal said...

Completely agree... lpu is most fast growing university bcoz of its dedicated founder chancellor faculties and most hardworking students...

Neeraj Agrawal said...

Completely agree... lpu is most fast growing university bcoz of its dedicated founder chancellor faculties and most hardworking students...

Er AJAY Kr. RAMANI said...

Very Good..Proud to a @ VERTO @. But One of the Best Thing is Its MANAGEMENT which govern the all features..

abhishek singh said...

very true

Vamsi Srivatsan said...

very true. seriously it is the best...

Abubakar Hassan said...

strongly angry LPU is the best place to study...

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