Sunday, 5 July 2015

How to Hack Android Phones with Metasploit | Kali Linux

Hacking Android Mobiles
Android Hacking is one of the most favorite and popular topic today. On our Penetration Testing if we miss this then i don't think so it will be fare. So today in this article we will talk about how you can exploit Android platform with Metasploit in Kali Linux.

1. Kali Linux
2. Android Phone ( KitKat - I am Using LG G3)
3. Wireless Network ( Hotspot or any other Wireless LAN)


Follow the following steps to perform your attack
Step 1: Open Your Kali terminal and type the following command.

Step 2: After pressing the enter key, just type ls for listing the files on same directory. And you will see app.apk file.

Step 3: Presently utilize the exploit i.e exploit/multi/handler , set the selected payload and after setting local host by lhost and local port by lport just type exploit to fire the exploit.

Step 4: Send the .apk to victim , it will be having a M symbol indicating Metasploit symbol on it. As client tries to open it you on victim mobile i.e Kali Linux and we will get reverse connection.


Step 5 : And here we can see we got the reverse shell of the Android Device. Type sysinfo to get details about the Android operating system's stats.

Note : If Victim's phone is rooted then can get access to his/her SD CARD also and can see pics, videos and other critical stuff :P.
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Deven Bhati said...

Sir in First step what ip do you use it didn't work

Rahul Tyagi said...

You have to use your current local IP dear as local host

Gurpreet Singh said...

Hello sir,
sir in this case we have start first xxamp na ?

Rakshit Kumar said...

Can we hack android phones over WAN?

Eko Gotama said...

yes u can hack android phones over WAN?

johns simon said...

sss can hack android phones over wan by portforwarding

johns simon said...

MSF payload does not exist anymore..metasploit now comes with new payload "MSF VENOM"

mussa musa said...

how can i send apk file plz tell me

sanjay said...

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Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

sir please tell how to hack ,when my kali is connected to usb dongle (3g modem) which ip i use and port fowarding can be done or not.. please sir help...

Anonymous said...

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honey sharma said...

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