Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Free online WPA Cracker | Rahul Tyagi

Online WPA Cracker
Lets talk about today WPA cracking. I know most of you know how to crack WPA encryption. So i am considering that before reading this post you already know how to crack WEP and WPA with aircrack. 

Hope you all know that we cannot crack WPA in the same way like WEP hence we have to go for handshaking via aircrack and then brute force with any dictionary most of us use Rockyou Dictionary inbuilt in Kali Linux.

Rockyou dictionary is having size of 142MB which is awesum but some times the password which we are looking for may be not available their. hence today we will go for a new way of extracting password from WPA handshake.

Step 1: In Kali Linux start you process of WPA cracking.As you  confirm WPA Handshake just save the .cap file and close all the terminals.
(*If you do not know how to crack WPA Wifi Encryption, Please refer to our article How to Crack WPA-WPA2 Encryption: Update on article : Removed will be up by Monday

Step 2: Now you can crack WPA handshake either by using besside-ng (from aircrack-ng's SVN), which will automatically own all the WPA networks it finds. 

Now just arrange internet somehow for few minutes then visit and upload your .cap file.

Now just wait for a while and with in few time you will see password which we found from the .cap file.

Why You Should Use Online WPA Cracker
Based on 49927 networks and a 46M word dictionary:

Question :What's the success rate when cracking WPA? 5%(2649/49927).

WPA cracking works by trying words from a dictionary until the password is found. So the question is equivalent to "how many people use dictionary words - like hello, world - as their WPA password?"

Question: Is a large dictionary necessary? You'll crack 52% more networks from the crackable ones.

A large dictionary has more chances of containing the network's password But, it may be that people either choose very simple passwords (so a small dictionary will suffice) or a very complicated password (practically uncrackable) giving large dictionaries diminishing returns.

Question:Do rainbow tables help? 2% of the crackable networks will be cracked faster.

Rainbow tables speed up WPA cracking, but only when cracking networks who's name is present in a predefined list of 1000 SSIDs. And, the passphrase still needs to be in the dictionary. Source

Note: Matching of password depends upon the wordlist.
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I have uploaded some handhsakes but how to confirm that these handshakes are uploaded successfully? because i can't see those in the list.

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Where is my handsake queue?

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