Monday, 6 July 2015

5 Ways to Protect Your Facebook Account from Hackers

Daily people mailing me about how they can secure their Facebook account from hackers. So i decided to write a post on Facebook Security. I have divided this safety protocol in 5 ways. lets understand one by one.

1.Protection from Keyloggers with KeyScrambler : KeyScrambler Encrypt each key you write in the Windows portion. It ensures your private data against known and obscure keylogging malware on a large number of sites. Hence once installed in your computer will help you to protect you from all kind of online or system based keyloggers.
You can download KeyScrambler For Free from Here : Download 

2.Beware of Phishing Pages : This is the most popular way to hacking into anyone's Facebook account , hacker sends you a clone page of Facebook login and force you to login in it with your credentials. Before filling your username and password always rectify the URL it should be starting with instead of any link which look like something this

3. Add Your Mobile Number : Add your mobile number always will help you to recover your lost password. Also will help you if some one compromised your account. If you wish to change your number do update the number in Facebook Account too, other wise a person who know you personally can get new number and can try to reset your password via SMS.
To add your mobile number, go to Account Settings > Mobile and click on Add a Phone.

4. Never Use Facebook Apps: Facebook APPs are the biggest reason of your account getting compromised by hackers online. Apps are not made by Facebook Team hence we can not guarantee of security.

5. End Your Previous Facebook Active Sessions : Make sure your Facebook account must end previous active sessions ,Go to Account Settings > Security page, look for ‘Active Sessions‘ and click on Edit.


Let me know if i missed any important point here. You can comment your suggestions on this article.

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Aucun de ses piratage Facebook fonctionne aujourd hui plus rien de marche sauf ce site qui est encore en ligne ▄︻̷̿┻̿═━δΈ€

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